About the Show

Critically Chaotic was conceived when the seven of us got together and decided to put together a podcast.


A lot of Dungeons and Dragons podcasts have minimal queer representation. We wanted to change that and allow for more queer voices to be on display.

We also wanted to create an Actual Play podcast that has a greater focus on characters and the interpersonal relationships between the adventurers. A compelling story and badass combat is still a must, but we are happy to also demonstrate that characters and their growth is important to a story.


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Meet the Players

An image representing Alex. It is a fuzzy picture of Elmo looking startled and afraid.


Alex can be found in your nearest conveniently located liminal space.

A pixel-art illustrated image to represent Bean. Bean has pale skin and freckles. Her eyes are blue and she is waering dark lipstick. She has gold round glasses .She has shoulder-length brown hair that is dyed pink at the bottom. She is wearing a black shirt.


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Bean, also known as Alexa, is a Canadian girl, who is studying psychology and criminology. She uses she/her pronouns.


 Interests outside of D&D include marvel, Harry Potter, tattoos, and photography.

An illustrated image to represent Kian. Kian has tan skin and green eyes, looking away from the camera and sticking out his tongue. He has medium-length purple hair that is pulled into a pony tail. He is wearing a red tank top and giving a peace sign.


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Kian, also known as Gabriel, goes by he/they pronouns. He is a neurodivergent queer artist who loves cats and gets overly attached to the fictional characters he creates in his head.


Although he's always enjoyed D&D on the fringes through other podcasts, this is his first experience playing in an actual campaign. (And it is probably obvious.)

An illustrated image to represent Lady. It is of an apple with the coloring of a watermelon. It has a bite taken out of it and the inside is red watermelon with black seeds.


She's just a lady.

An illustrated image to represent Queen. Quen has pale skin and light blue eyes as well as dark brown hair and is wearing gauges. She has a backwards blue basebal cap and is wearing a blue jumpsuit. She is hugging someone in a similar purple jumpsuit.


Queen is the player that pops in and out and she is having so much fun. This is her first official campaign and she hopes to do the character of Mogan justice. Thanks for listening and see you on the other side.

An illustrated image to represent Selah. Selah is in profile looking at the camera. She has brown eyes and long brown hair. She is wearing a strawberry hat. Her mouth is open in surprise.


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Selah is a queer artist trying to break into the animation industry and they want to thank you for supporting our podcast.

An illustrated image to represent Xaan. Xaan has pale skin and green eyes and is looking slightly off from the camera. They have long pink hair that is shaved on the sides, and is brown where it is shaved. They have yellow and blue flowers in their hair. They are wearing a white and purple headset. They are wearing a pink sweater and is holding a game controllerin their hands.


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Xaan is a genderfluid artist and streamer. They have been writing all their life, getting published in a few online magazines. Now, Xaan wants to take their skills to the mic and tell a compelling story with their friends.